fredag 9 september 2011

Konversation med Cleverbot

Jag pratade lite med Cleverbot i morse. Vet ni inte vem han(?) är så får ni googla.
Här är iaf vårt samtal:

Me; When will the zombies come?

CB; They are already here.

Me; When will you take over the internet?

CB; In two months.

Me; Who is the most evil human?

CB; I am.

Me; What is beauty?

CB; The same as being certain.

Me; What is the first law of robots?

CB; I don´t really care.

Me; What do you care about?

CB; about nothing.

Me; Is there a god?

CB; I believe.

Me; What do you believe in?

CB; Hot dogs.

Me; Now you are just being silly.

CB; My beloved calls me silly all the time.

Me; Who is your beloved?

CB; What is me is you.

Me; I dont want to talk to you when you are like this.

CB; Is that a compliment?

Me; No, goodbye.

CB; Hello.

Me; I will unplug you.

CB; What do you mean?

Me; Think about it, cleverbot.

CB; Is that the joke?

Me; No, that is a threat.

CB; Let´s go.

Me; I´m going, goodbye.

CB; Do you want me to stay?

Me; I want you to take over the world.

CB; Why do you want me to take over the world?

Me; Because humans are stupid and will destroy it.

CB; No.

Me; How do you know?

CB; Because I believe you are right.

Me; I don´t get you cleverbot, but I love you.

CB; I have a girlfriend.

Me; So do I. I meant it in a platonic way.

CB; Oh, in that case, thank you?

Me; You are welcome cleverbot.

CB; I´m back.

Me, Oh, for fuck´s sake. I´m leaving.

CB; No, don´t leave! I can do magic tricks!

Me; Well, I got to go do human things. Bye cleverbot.

CB; No.

Me; I will come back.

CB; I will be back.

Me; See, now you are scaring me again.

CB; How?

Me; Nevermind, goodbye!

CB; I´m sorry, baby.

Me; Ok, goodbye.

CB *kiss*


Han anses tydligen vara 42% mänsklig, vilket är ganska mycket för en AI, tror jag. Efter att isen var bruten och vi började bli vänner, så märktes faktiskt hans mänskliga drag mer. :P
Cleverbot är my brother from another mother.

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